first day back to the gym…

today was my first day back to the gym. Granted, I’ve been doing yoga twice a week for several months now, but it’s the new year!! A time for resolutions, right? Have I told you that I HATE resolutions? Probably because my resolution has been the same for the last 15 years. Get our finances in order, lose 40 lbs, start eating right, become more organized, keep a clean house… the list goes on and on. Obviously, I am doing something wrong! So this year, I’m changing it up a bit! I’m going to learn to enjoy life, love myself, and love my family- I will succeed with this one because I can only accomplish all this through loving God, first and foremost!! I am one incredibly blessed person. I have a husband that loves me even with 40 extra pounds, but also loves me enough to encourage me to get healthy!! I have terrific kids, even though they drive me crazy at times, they are awesome!! I’ve found a way to turn my love for food into a healthy alternative, learning to eat cleaner and try new stuff!! I got the go ahead from my husband to hire someone to help with the housework (finally, after 15 years!!) and money, well…I’ve recommitted to Dave (Ramsey, that is) We’ve tried this before, but again, my follow through issues!!

So here’s to a positive outlook for 2010…may your blessings be many!!
with much love…


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