we serve a God of mission…

We had the most amazing message at church today. It was about finding out what our mission is. It isn’t okay for us to go to church-the building, every Sunday, sit in the pew, listen to the music, say hello to our friends, only to leave and say “that was a great message”. God is a god of mission, and He has a mission for each and every one of us. Our pastor for today had a great thought to ponder…who are missionaries? Are they “super” Christians that God has chosen? No, they are everyone that calls themself a Christian-You and Me!! We can’t call ourselves Christians without calling ourselves Missionaries! God has chosen each and every one of us for a mission!

For the last several years I have understood this “calling out” if you will. I understand that I am a missionary for God. However, the issue I have always had was knowing where I am supposed to be a missionary. For the last twelve and half years, it has been raising my children. I’ve also tried leading women’s bible studies, teaching 2nd graders at church, being a camp counselor for a summer camp, or diving head first serving at Great Banquet weekends. I feel like I have a little missionary ADD, so many passions and interests but not sure where God would have me devote my time. I guess the best place to start would be to spend some time with the One who designs the missions and take direction from Him! I understand that this can and will probably change on a day to day basis, but if I earnestly seek Him and be willing to go where He leads, I will most definitely be headed in the right direction.

So as this new year begins, my main mission is to follow anywhere I am led. To devote each day to serving the One who gave me life…and created a specific purpose for that life. If I focus on learning who HE is, then He will reveal who I am.


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