new life…

three weeks ago yesterday, I put 6 eggs into my new Christmas present…a Genesis Hovabator 1588 forced-air incubator with an auto-egg turner.  I felt like Ralphie Parker in A Christmas Story anxiously awaiting his  beloved Red Ryder carbine-action 200-shot range model air rifle with a compass in the stock.  My ‘bator came in!!

I walked down to the coop, collected the 20 or so eggs, laid them all on the table and inspected each one to see which would be the best specimen to incubate.  I chose 6 eggs; 2 large dark brown, 2 light tan, 2 green (EE) eggs.  I’m not sure the breed of the others.  After meticulously watching the temperature and humidity for 21 agonizing days, I now have 2 baby chicks.  The first is a little black guy (not sure of the sex) with a little white spot on his chest and the top of his head.  The second baby arrived with all the kids (Bailey, Blake, Anna, Sam and Ella) and myself cheering it on.  He looked a little different from his friend.  He was all yellow.  It was a great learning experience for the kids to see God’s amazing handiwork in action.  Blake said, “isn’t it amazing that those big chickens out there were once small enough to fit in that tiny shell?”  God never ceases to amaze me!! We are just waiting to see if the others will hatch. I’ll give them 48 hours before throwing them out.  But then, on to the next batch!!  I think I’m hooked!!  What to do with all these chickens…especially if they’re roosters!! LOL!!


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