waiting for spring…

Ever wonder why I have so few posts on here?  Probably because I feel like I need to have something profound to say… Well, I don’t.  I will try to be more diligent at posting, and in turn, maybe my writing will get more creative.  I noticed today that I have 4 drafts waiting to post…hmmm, is that fear? oh well, here goes…

While taking the boys to the bus stop this morning, I was amazed at the glorious moon in the sky. It was the Bruce Almighty type of moon, and it was beautiful!!  It was such a blessing from God.  God has been amazing me a lot the last few weeks.  I am so excited for this weekend, with the springlike weather to get out in the garden. (ok, so this was written a few weeks ago)  That weekend I did get to garden, at least for a 1/2 a day.  This week (end) is back to the cruddy Indiana weather.  Although, I do find some joy in starting seeds inside….but I’m busting at the seems, I need my greenhouse to put stuff in.  I’m also on my way to my Master Propagators class, so I can start more seeds… LORD, PLEASE SEND SPRING SOON!!!

Guess I’ll post more later


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